Xbee Question

I recently bought 2 Xbee's but having trouble transferring ADC signals. I am using the X-CTU software to set them up. The transmitter has the following settings: DL: 5678 MY: 1234 D1: 2 D0: 2 IT: 1 IR: A

And the receiver: DL: 1234 MY: 5678 P0: 2 P1: 2

Everything else is set to default. I have a circuit that sends out a signal 0-3 volts which I have checked with a multimeter. On the receiver end I have an adafuit xbee shield with cables connected to the PWM0/1. I don't get any voltage on either pins. I know the PWM0 is also used for the RSSI and the shield has an LED hooked up to it. I would think the LED should fade in or out. Instead the LED is off and the Associate just blinks. Any help would be great. Thanks.