Xbee question


I have 3 xbee pro 60mW series 1 devices, and I have a network with the following structure:

The 2 transmitter Xbee are continually sending frames with long of 32 Bytes. More or less 20 frames per second.

I fear that the receiver xbee can see the frames criss-crossed, for example:

[Frame 1 id][Frame 1 data 1][Frame 1 data2 ][frame 2 id][Frame 1 data 3][Frame 2 data 1]

instead off:

[Frame 1 id][Drame 1 data 1][Frame 1 data 2][Frame 1 data N] [Frame 2 id][Drame 2 data 1][Frame 2 data 2][Frame 2 data N]

This can happen or xbee have the tools automatically for not to happen?