Xbee radio control: Disable radio for some time

Hey, I have a problem with my project relying on Xbee AT mode. I want to be able to enter command mode, but when it receives any outside signal (ie. from another bee) it will cancel entering command mode. I would not want to use API mode as that uses excessive RAM and I can already send packets using C structs.

So my question is: how do I make the Xbee in question ignore outside signals for the time being to enter command mode? I would like the Xbee on so that it can respond to command mode, but I don't want the radio on. Disabling other nodes is not feasible in this case; it has to be done receiver side. Is there a switch I can solder to to just disable the radio but not the logic board on the bee?

What I've done now is desolder the entire UART plug so that it can derive its power from an external source (The Xbee board derives its power from two pins in the UART) Instead, I've soldered two wires and I powered it with 5v source; the Xbee worked. I was thinking if I can connect the power source to a specific voltage under 5v, would it be possible you think to disable the radio, while keeping the logic board still working?


Anyone know this?