Xbee readPacket() fails on DUE board , ( Xbee.send() does work)

I ran into the folllowing problem:

I have a system set up that includes 7Mega2560 boards that communicates (bi-directionally (using xbee) with an XBee coordinator thats is connected to my PC. 1 of the mega boards is controlling a led display.
This whole setup does work perfectly. So far, so good.

Now I want to replace 1 Mega board by a DUE board because I need more memory and clockspeed for my ne led matrix display. I used the exact same code (but now targeting the SAM1.6.1.0 platform).
**Problem: **receiving messages does not work anymore on the DUE board!! I can’t figure out why.

Send messages to the xbee coordinator from the DUE board still works fine. Which leads to my conclusion that there is nothing wrong with the xbee module, the xbeeshield nor the DUE board.

Moving the xbee shield with module back to the original mega board again and it wil send and receive message from the Mega board. So there seems to be no hardware problem.

I’m using these xbee shields on all boards Bluetooth XBee Shield V03 Module Draadloze Controle Voor XBee ZigBee Board Voor Arduino Serial Adapter Module FT232RL IC 3.3V 5V IO|wireless module|module bluetoothzigbee module - AliExpress
They support 5v and 3.3V.

The xbee module are programmed with XCTU and run on 57600 baud.

I have attached the code files that I used for testing the communication on the DUE and MEGA board. The DUE board has no other hardware connected than the xbee shield with module.

Question : Can some help me solving this problem? Is there someone that has a similar setup that will send AND receive messages and is he/she willing to share a code sample of how it was done??

Any help /suggestion is gratly appreciated!!

Jan van de Klok

XbeeComm.ino (2.85 KB)

LED_96x32_comm.ino (1002 Bytes)

XbeeComm.ino doesn't compile because of missing code.
Using the same serial port for diagnostic messages and xbee communication will confuse the xbee.

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