Xbee receiving is delayed and in packets

My xbees are set to 9600 baud. There is a button hooked up to my arduino which is sending "hello" over the xbee to my receiving xbee which is plugged into my computer and is printing to the arduino ide serial monitor. I click the button about 6 times and after each push of the button "hello" is received and printed on my screen. That is ok. But then the xbee seems to stop for a while and i click the button a few times and nothing happens. After a few seconds of delay, "hello" appears on my screen however many times i clicked the button. So there seems to be a memory of how many times i clicked the button. This is no good for instant movement (this is on my rc controller i made). Any one have a idea of what is going on?
I have tried router sending to coordinator and coordinator sending to router, but neither send the data without the 5 second delay or more.

changed the Packetization Timeout setting of the xbees to 0 and still that did not fix it.