XBee reliable baud rates

I’m just starting out with a pair of XBee Series 1, using them in a point-to-point setup in my home (a.k.a. short distances).

They are working fine at a baud rate of 19200. I wonder what the fastest reliable baud rate might be? I will do some experimenting eventually, but wanted to ask what others may have found. Such as, is the max baud rate of 115200 reliable?


I wonder what the fastest reliable baud rate might be?

Over what distance? With what packet size? With what kind of interference? With what acceptable retry rate?

There is no simple answer.

I will do some experimenting eventually

Might as well get started, with your data, in your environment.

Anyone else have an experience to share?


The baud rate SETTING of 115k is reliable. But the throughput is not quite there with any errors or retries. You can use that setting with a delay between packets. Or use hardware flow control it's just 1 wire.

Thanks sbright33 :slight_smile:

BTW, I read your code that adjusts the time on a ds1307. I have one that loses about 5 seconds per 24 hours. I couldn't quite understand all you were doing in the code, but I'm quite a bit of a newbie at this stuff :smiley:

Mine was 5.8s. I’d like to improve my code. There’s only a few more lines than the official example. What can it do for you? Let’s move this discussion to the proper thread…

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