Xbee & RFID


I´m trying to connect a RFID reader and a Xbee but it just won’t work.
(It’s not an Xbee pro and the RFID reader is model ID-12.)

I’ve got it to work with an arduino shield as power supply but when I’m using an power unit it won’t work.

Any suggestions?


Here's a quick sketch of my connections:


What is ID12 ? Datasheet ? Link ? Website ?


The “ID12” is a 5V device, whereas most of the XBEE board (the ones sparkfun has listed) are 3.3V devices. Depending on the type you’ve got, the may be “5V tolerant” on the data lines. Have a look at your data sheet. As the data link is unidirectional (just a dumb tag reader), just use a voltage divider (e.g. 10k pot) to shift the data line below 3.3V.

Will try it with 10k after lunch. What gets me confused is that the led doesn't light up when I swipe a tag i.e. it does not read it at all. Further more when I had the ID-12 connected to an xbee on an arduino shield it works fine to connect port 9 from the reader to port 3 on the xbee with out a 10k pot as long as we got the +5v and gnd from the arduino, the problem arises when we move the "stuff" of the arduino. Will keep you updated.

It seems the schematics we put up first was correct, it was just some glitches in the wiering, it now works great as drawn above.

there is one mis in the schematics, the cable from pin 9 to 3 is of course NOT connected with the +5v to port 2