XBee s1 802.15.4 USB gateway + Arduinos running IPv6 stack

Hi, I have some Arduinos Mega with the wireless shield and XBee Serie1(802.15.4) devices , running this IPv6 stack library(6LoWPAN/IPv6 + RPL + UDP) https://github.com/telecombretagne/Arduino-IPv6Stack/wiki

I can build a small 802.15.4 network of Arduinos and I I can request and receive UDP packets from one Arduino to another with it.

My purpose is to connect this 802.15.4 network to a gateway PC running Ubuntu. Now using my "DFRobot XBee USB Adapter" I receive the packets 802.15.4 packets but I don't know how to tunnel them or what to do to send those packets to the "linux Network Stack".

I have seen some Contiki OS examples, where they do something similar to what I need, but in their case, they don't have a "USB XBee gateway" but a node (tMote/z1) that receives the 802.15.4 packets and sends the IP packets to the PC Then the PC uses tunslip6 to route them to the Linux Network Stack, and radvd (router advertisement daemon for IPv6) manages the IPv6 packets.

has anybody done it? or do you have any idea about where to start?

Thanks :)


Nobody knows? Nobody interested? or I wasn't clear with the question? : )

as "DFRobot XBee USB Adapter" and /or XBee is not included in this list http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/linux-zigbee/wiki/HardwareSupport

I assume that it will not be easy to make it work, I will need to write the driver then? :(


same problem, can anybody help ?