Xbee S1 module echoing back every character sent to it?

Hello, I am trying to configure my Xbee S1 Pro modules and have been having some large problems. Whenever I send it a character, it immediatly echoes the same character back to me. So for example when I am trying to enter setup mode, If I type +++, the screen will display ++++++ because the xbee has echoed back each character immediatly after I type it. x-ctu is also giving me difficulties. On the"pc settings" tab in x-ctu I can click the test/query button and the software says it can communicate fine, but under the modem configuration tab, I can press “Read” and it says that I need to press the reset button on my xbee, which I have tried to do by grounding the reset pin. I am communicating to the Xbee via a micro usb to FTDI adapter. I really need to get working on a project and attempting to configure these modules is setting me back. Help is appreciated, Thanks!