Xbee S2 / Arduino Pro Mini unstable communication

Hi All,

I have a straight forward setup that works sometimes, but then not others and cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong. I sure could use some help if you know what I may be doing to cause this problem. (Please note that while the problem described below is only of a two node system, it will grow and therefor I need series 2).

I have a coordinator and an end device. Both connected to arduinos. The coordinator is connected to an arduino uno and the end device is connected to an arduino pro mini. Both XBees are running in API 2.

The mini connects to the XBee on the coordinator by specifying the address in the code and transmits a string of about 30 characters every 30 seconds. The system works fine for a few hours and then it just stops. The end device continues to transmit but the coordinator never picks it up.

The end device using wake on pin (mode 1 I think). In the code I send a wake up assertion to the pin 9 on the xbee and then check the status on pin 12 I think it is. When pin 12 is asserted (clear to send), I send my dada.

The xbee on the coordinator has a sleep period of 22000 miliseconds (SP) and a cycle of 3 (SN (I think)).

Other than that, the configs are pretty much default.

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Usually when a project fails after an hour, it's because of a drained battery or power source.

How are you powering your setup? Maybe post a schematic?

let me see your all the code then this problem can be solved ...