Xbee S2, lose communication when moving (not so) far away, how to extend range?

Hello everyone,

I have been able to configure a little network with Xbees S2 in API mode : 1 coordinator (arduino+xbee coordinator API) and 2 router (arduino+xbee router API).

  • Xbees used : XBee 2mW Wire Antenna - Series 2 (ZigBee Mesh).

When all the xbees are close (5 meters maximum without obstacles), it works great, the coordinator collects the data whearas when I put one router in another room (door opened, 7-8 meters from the coordinator and a 90° angle on the way) the coordinator looses the packet.

How can I solve the problem? I saw that there's a boost option, is it a good solution for extending the range and the signal strength?

Or is it better to make/configure a router that only creates additional network pathways (to solve the problem) ? Will it need an Arduino and code? Or does it just need to be powered?


I think the boost is on by default, so no help there.

But something is fishy, range ought to be far greater than that, unless you live in a Faraday cage. Additional routers can be a solution to range problems, yes they only need to be powered, don't need to be connected to anything if they're just for relaying purposes, but I'd sure try to discover the problem here first.

Thanks for the reply Jack.

Well, I am also surprised about the range. If I remember I used, 2 months ago, to be able to communicate farthest than 5 meters when I was testing the Xbees in API (coordinator)/AT(router) turning on/off a led wireless.

I thought that it was the battery that was discharged but It's not that.

May it be a problem with the code? Or rather a xbee configuration?

Can't imagine what in the code could cause such a dramatic change. Or configuration either, for that matter. I might try reloading the firmware in the XBees, but now I'm just shotgunning it. I also might try the range test in X-CTU. Sorry I don't have any better ideas.

Well done Jack!! I have restarted the xbees, set back the lastest firmware and now the signal range is better.


Huh. Just dumb luck I'm afraid. I wonder what it was. Anyhoo, glad to hear they're working better.