XBEE S2C not compatible with Arduino Uno and Shield

Hello, I have been sending data using Xbees hooked up to the sparkfun shield and an Uno.

I just purchased a bunch of XBEE S2C, however, and now I get no data transfer. I can connect to the radios and see each other when in XCTU, but when plugging into the shields following my procedure from hundreds prior, I get nothing.

I understand that with the S2C you need to change the settings to make one a coordinator, which I have done, then I have just followed Faludi's book example which works with all other XBEE's.

Has anyone else had this problem? Can anyone else connect using S2C?

I have attached my settings below. (nvm, arduino doesn't allow xml files. )

Thank you.

After speaking with Digi for a while, I have the solution!

It seems that when they went from S2B to S2C, the only thing that really changed was that the new version is not booting into a non-transparent UR mode. Whatever that means.

Solution: solder a 10KOhm resistor between DOUT and 3.3V on the sparkfun shield. This creates a pull up resistor that sets DOUT High while booting.

Works for me finally!