XBee Serial

Should I communicate to my XBee via the built-in Serial, or should I use Softserial/NewSoftSerial?

Also, in NSS, how do you select which pin is the TX and which is the RX?

I don't see any reason to not use the built in Serial. Doing it in hardware frees you to do more in your program.

I've been reprogramming my boards with large programs using XBees running at 57600 baud with no problems. (Using my own hardware)

One word of warning: XBees seem to not handle 115200 baud properly. According to the datasheet, the closest they can achieve is 111000 baud. I'd start out at 9600 and get it working, then crank it up to 57600 and stay there.


But can XBee's handle 5V TTL serial signals?

I think they can handle 5v signals but have to be powered by 3.3V

From what I can work out the xbee v1s can tolerate 5v - rx for short periods, then give up the ghost. So I`ve gone for a voltage divider to make sure.
But HAVE to be powered by 3.3 volts