xBee series 2 communication problems

Hi, I have 2 xBee series 2 modules and I have successfully established communication between them. One xBee module is on top of an Arduino (xBee shield) and the other one is on the usb Xbee explorer connected to my PC.

The problem I have is that if I send more than one "signal" per second (a character from e.g. hyper terminal on my PC) to the Arduino xBee shield, the signals are not received instantly.

Example: Arduino receives first two or three signals, then pauses for a few seconds and than it receives all the remaining signals at once. Then again pauses and then gets the pending signals.

But if I send signals in 2 seconds interval, arduino receives those signal in real-time with no pausing. This is not fast enough for me because I need the interval to be around 20 signals per second.

Can someone please help?


Can someone please help?

Without seeing your code? No. Without knowing how you have configured the XBees? No.

Series 2 radios are not meant for point to point communication. They can be configured to operate in a small network, but you haven't told us anything about how you have configured them.

I've seen exactly what you're describing using two series 2 XBees in broadcast. Basically each device is yelling into a room and the other one hears what is being shouted. In my case, when I addressed the message specifically to the other device, the problem went away. Broadcast messages get buffered and sent, specifically addressed messages get sent right away. The other time I saw this was when a device was getting data relayed by an intermediate XBee because the distance was too far, but that's not what you described.

Thank you for your replies.

I was already considering buying series 1 xBees ..., but

@draythomp: how can I address the message specifically to the other device (I'm total n00b in xBees)? I configured my xBees with X-CTU as ZNET 2.5 ROUTER/END DEVICE AT and set the PAN ID on both devices to an equal value.


I use the zigbee configuration and set the modem to XB24-ZB. One of the devices has to be a coordinator and the other a router or end device. Then you have to set the destination address; that's DH and DL on one of them to the other one and the same for the other device.

If your DH and DL are set for broadcast, they tend to buffer, so set each of them to talk to the other one. You can do this in command mode, you don't have to go to API, just be sure to write it so when you turn the power off the settings don't go away. I almost always use XCTU to set them up and just swap them into the USB board as needed.

Did any of this make any sense?

OH, the url for the actual manual on these things is http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000976_G.pdf And it talks about this kind of thing in there. The documentation has actual command examples and such that you can use to try things. Huge manual, but once you get the hang of it, you'll fly along.

@draythomp: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :slight_smile:
That totally helped! U’r awesome!


Hi danijels: I think I have come to the same problem as you with my Xbee series 2 module. I am trying to configure both modules with x-ctu, but after many attemtps I have lost factory settings. My goal is send a ""Hello world" from a Xbee+Explorer Regulated Shield to another Xbee+Explorer USB Shield attached to PC. I can see the blinking green LED on the transmitter side but the receriver module doesn't show any activity. Could you tell me how have you configured both Xbee modules?. Which type of Modem and Funtion Set do you put in X-CTU for each module? I would very grateful you

Thanks for your time