xbee series 2 - router / coordinator

hi there !

i have some xbee modules series 2 and start digging into the different zigbee protocols .

i understand the different types of nodes : coordinator, router and end device zigbee uses but i wonder what to do if the one coordinator of the network is dying or is out of range for the other nodes ? it feels i'm a bit disappointed about the non modularity of xbee or do i just don't get the how-to to avoid a hierarchy?

i read about digi mesh which uses only one mesh type , can xbee modules series 2 be used with this protocol or which hardware is comparable to xbee but uses digi mesh ?

cheers, koji

The XBee ZNet2.5 modules (Series 2) won’t support DigiMesh. The 802.15.4 platform (Series 1) will eventually be able to firmware upgrade to support DigiMesh. At this point it’s only the XBee 900MHz version that is released with a stable DigiMesh firmware.

If the power consumption isn’t critical and you don’t need to put the module into sleep mode, you can just run all modules as routers, except for the coordinater of course. The coordinater is only needed when the network is booting. After that the network can rune fine (including doing re-routing) without a coordinater. Of course you will most likly have a single point of failure anyway, at the node you are using for taping of the data from the network and sendit it to a host computer/internet/whatever you are doing.