XBee sheild and BTBee Pro(bluetooth) module with the Arduino

I bought a BTBee Pro(bluetooth) and mounted it on an XBee Sheild. I mounted this Xbee sheild on the Arduino with the correct pin configurations. My BTBee Pro Mudule had its power light turned on. However when I tried to pair my cellphone with this BT Bee Pro module, I was unable to detect the device on my cellphone.

Any ideas as to what i might be missing?

I have attached the schematics and the datasheets of both the Xbee sheild and the BTBee Pro module

SCH_IM121115002_BTBeepro.pdf (21.6 KB)

SCH_IM120417004_XBeeShield.pdf (26.2 KB)

DS_IM121115002_BTBeepro.pdf (628 KB)

XBeeShield.pdf (419 KB)