XBee Sheild Questions

Hi, I've got some questions about the XBee Sheild (http://us.st11.yimg.com/us.st.yimg.com/I/yhst-82942516561161_1996_3541386) that I haven't been able to find the answers for. I've assembled the component, but I'm unable to connect via bluetooth. I'm trying to identify the use of the two jumper pins labelled XBEE/USB and (C) 2007 (?) -- see top left corner of the PCB image included above. Is there any documentation regarding what these signify?

Also, is it possible to connect via XBee while keeping the Arduino plugged into USB for power (just for testing)? I'm reading elsewhere that this shouldn't be done, but that appears to be for direct contact with the XBee chip and not through the shield. I'm wondering if the shield makes allowances for this?

Where is the best place to look to answer these types of questions? Can't seem to find much relevant information on Libelium.com, NKCElectronics, or the Arduino.cc sites.

Thanks for any help!


AFAIK XBee is not bluetooth and can only talk to other XBee modules.

Sigh, right. That would explain one question. Thanks.

Still not sure how to read those jumpers.

NKC is on the forums pretty regularly, but I'd imagine you'd have better luck if you emailed directly with your questions.