Xbee Shield + Arduino SMD via USB Mode


I’ve just purchased an Arduino Uno Inventors Kit to start my new hobby in learning about electronics and micro-controllers.

Having purchased an XBee Shield for the Arduino and learning that I will have to remove the processor from the Arduino Uno, I am wondering how this would be done with the SMD version of the UNO?

1) take an Arduino board, extract the processor, and plug the shield. We call this configuration “USB-XBee gateway” and it is used to transfer data between your computer and a wireless network using XBee modules.

This setup allows direct control of maxstream’s module through serial commands. It will require to configure the jumpers on the XBee board to USB mode. In order to do this, you should make sure that jumpers in the shield are placed like the ones in the photo (USB mode). This allows direct serial communication between USB and XBee.

Having followed the instructions on the above page, I’m a stuck … as I’m using an SMD version???

Is there a jumper setting on the Arduino Uno board I can use to allow the XBee shield to communicate through USB?

I find this strange if I am required to desolder SMD Arduino ATMega38 chip just to get Xbee Shield to work?

Found the solution [Credit to StevefromNewcastle] :


  1. Set both the jumpers on the XBEE Shield to USB

  2. Connect a jumper wire to grd and rst disables the ATMEL chip

Happy Days! :)