XBee Shield & Module


I just bought an XBee shield & XBee 2.5 Module for my Arduino Duemilanove to obtain a wireless connection so I can send commands over serial from my laptop to my Arduino. What I don’t understand is how can I send anything to the Arduino with my computer only? The XBee shield is connected to my Arduino board, so do I need another Arduino board and another Shield/Module to send the commands with?

Like this:

Computer-USB-Arduino & XBee module ~WIRELESS~ Arduino & XBee shield

Thanks :slight_smile:

This one way to do it:

Get another Xbee module and shield exactly the same as the one you have, at least same frequency. I assume you know how to program the Xbee's to communicate, (if not look for an Xbee and Arduino tutorial in the Arduino Playground) Once they are setup on the same ID# and baud rate, connect them as below. Also make sure you put the Arduino board on the PC side in reset mode (connect a wire from the RESET pin to GND).

PC > USB > Arduino(RESET mode) > Shield > Xbee
-------- WIRELESS ------- Xbee > Shield > Arduino

Your PC will recognize the RESET Arduino with the Xbee as a COM Port. Check your device manager to verify which port it is set to. At this point the COM Port will act just like a cable and all information sent over it will go directly to the other Arduino. (If you set it up properly)

If you run into any problems, which is likely :slight_smile: let me know. It took me a couple tries and a lot of reading to get it finally working. I'd be happy to help you through it.

@Austin Duff,

Thanks pal. That's what I tought. :slight_smile:

I am going to buy another Arduino board and another XBee shield & module. They are exactly the same circuits so compatibility shouldn't be a problem.

I will PM you if I happen to run into any problems.

Good luck :slight_smile: