xbee shield, program arduino wirelessly

I am having trouble programming multiple arduino boards wirelessly using xbee shields.

I can easily do this using a 1 to 1 connection between a base and remote board with two xbees.

Theoretically, ( according to my own theory, ha ), it should be possible to set up the base xbee in broadcast mode to program any number of arduino boards ( through their corresponding xbees ) wirelessly, simultaneously. As it is now when I try this, one ( seemingly picked at random ) gets programmed, and the remaining do not.

Is there something inherent in the Arduino environment that prevents me from doing this? Does my problem lie in the Xbee?

If anyone has had experience with this, I will provide more details on my problem, but for now please just reply if you have any experience with this.

Thanks much!


programming the Arduino is a bidirectional process. In that process, the Arduino program expects to see just one board, not several. If you watch the TX/RX leds on the Arudino you can confirm this- they talk back and forth.


Yea, I did notice that there was some two-way communication going on during the upload process.
I am not entirely convinced that that will prevent me from programming many boards at once, however. It may be that the Arduino IDE simple needs a response saying that 'a' board is ready for the program to be uploaded, but once it starts sending data, more than one board might be able to accept the program.

Any ideas on this?

look at the source code for the bootloader (it's included in every arduino download)

you'll see how the protocol works

alternatively look for "stk500 protocol" on google, youll find a pdf


Thanks Massimo, and thanks for the reply to my other post. I'll check that out.