Xbee shield question

Hi, I'm planning to do a project that would involve xbee modules. I'm searching for compatible shields that would accommodate xbee's and I'd like to ask if this zigbee shield will work? http://www.e-gizmo.com/KIT/ZIGBEE%20SHIELD.html

It's the only zigbee related shield that I can find here in our country. If it's not compatible, are there open source schematic for xbee shield modules that I can probably build from scratch? TIA. :)

I don't know whether that shield will work, or not. That site only has one picture of the shield, and I can't tell what that green thing is. Not an XBee, that's for sure.

However, sparkfun has a shield: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/9976 There are links on that page to the schematic and Eagle files if you want to make your own.

thanks paul! i'll check the schematics from sparkfun :)