XBee Shield Question

Is it possible to have a Processing GUI send a command from one Arduino-XBee Shield setup to a second Arduino-XBee Shield setup? So, in other words, you click a "button" on the Processing Sketchbook, and that sends a command from the PC to Arduino 1, which sends a wireless signal to Arduino 2.

The way there are jumpers labeled XBee and USB make me think that you cannot, and the Arduino-XBee-Shield can only communicate to other XBees OR the computer, but not BOTH at once.

Also, let me say that I'm sorry for my tiny post count. I genuinely do 'lurk' in the boards every so often--it's just that my level of expertise (i.e., none) makes it rare for me to be able to answer a question about Arduinos that hasn't already been answered. :P

In the scenario you describe, the Xbee connected to the PC could be set to USB and the serial output from the Processing sketch would be transferred wirelessly to the second remote Arduino.

But perhaps there to this then you described, what is the purpose of the local Arduidno?

Thanks for the response.

Well, I'm not totally sure what you mean. Isn't the local Arduino necessary?


This is more or less what I'm trying to accomplish. Or replace the lightbulb with an LED if you want.

But are you saying that it IS possible to send the Processing "commands" directly to the wireless unit? That's certainly good news!

You don't actually need the local Arduino to do what you want, although it may be a convenient way of providing power and serial data to the xbee shield.

If the processing sketch sends the character '0' to turn the light off and '1' to turn it on, your remote Arduino sketch just needs to monitor the serial data to respond the these characters and drive a pin.

Of course you can do much more than this if you want. Indeed, this can do just about anything that you could do if you connected the Processing app directly to the arduino without the wireless link in between

Have fun!

That is fantastic news.


/\ the language used in the section "A Few Notes" had me convinced that it could only muster 1 thing at a time, so to speak.

Thank you very much for your assistance! :)

Each Xbee shield is only doing one thing at a time. The local shield is just forwarding serial data received via USB to the remote shield The remote side is passing the serial data received wirelessly to the arduino.

The local arduino is not doing anyting except providing power and acting as a usb to ttl adapter. If you have a USB to ttl adapter you can eliminate the local arduino altogether.

Oh, I see what you mean. Well, it's probably much easier--at this point, at least--to stick with the local Arduino instead of trying to build my own circuit, but I'll keep those facts in mind for the future. :)

It doesn't need much of a circuit, just connections for power and the serial data. Here are some pictures of a simple board I made that the shield plugs into the Xbee shield plugged into the board

top side of board

bottom of board

it uses the boarduino type usb to ttl cable

Ah, sorry to keep bumping this, but I just wanted to say, again, thanks for the help, mem.