Xbee Shield

Hello competent Forum! :),

i would like to realize a wireless sensor network.

I do have: 3 x Arduinos with 3 of the Arduino Xbee Shield (http://arduino.cc/it/Main/ArduinoXbeeShield) with Series 2 Xbee Modules.

What i want: - One attendant is the "coordinater" - the other two are end devices

The coordinator also is able to allow internet access by ethernet shield. So here we have Arduino + ethernet + xbee. The End devices are arduino + xbee + sensorboard.

I just found out a lot about the topic wireless configuration. My application is kind of specific -

I have the idea of realising it by alternating Peer to Peer Mode, which should be the easiest way to programe. So we have only 2 attendants, which are "changing" squencly.

The Xbee Modules just have to Send and Receive. So the Arduino calculate and give the information by serial comands.

It would be great, if somebody can give me some advice in how to solve the problem.

The network settings are set up in XCTU. (How to build a "star - topology" network?) I think this is the first problem to solve, how i get started with the 3 xbee series 2 modules.

Someone an idea?

Thank you

Greetings Andy