XBee signal issue, could power be a factor?

So i was struglling with XBee communication for my RC plane. Had some threads open got some answers now I have another question.

My Xbees doesn't give much range as they are supposed to. They are wire antenna s2 RF modules. they have promissed a 120m range.

I am powering my arduino and ESC with the LiPo I have (7.4v,1700mAh). And I am powering the 3 Servos with the Arduino +5v and XBee with arduino 3.3v.

Same as in the Transmitter, I power 4 potentiometers(5k,1K and one X-Y Joystick). And XBee is mounted on the XBee sheild. I now think this should lead to less power to XBee sheild and loss of range.

I need to know for sure before I start another boring session of soldering(I am a newbie to soldering so I need to know for sure if I need to solder another wire to my PCB)

I don't have a multimeter to check the power coming to the XBee too. Will buy one soon!