Xbee Sleep/On Pin to which Mega 2560 pin?

I am building a shield and wanted to know if there is a best Arduino pin for watching the xbee pin 13 sleep / on pin. Currently I’m just doing it with jumper wires to Arduino Digital pin33. I’m not using and don’t believe I need to use an interrupt in my code, as I am simply looping and checking the pin-state on each loop. On the shield I’m building I plan to use Arduino pin 10 or 11 for this. Does anyone see any problem in this?

Thank much for your thoughts.

Does anyone see any problem in this?

That would depend on which Arduino you have and what else is connected to the Arduino.

Putting the XBee to sleep while the Arduino stays awake doesn't make a lot of sense.

As this will be part of a mesh environment, I want to allow the xbee to control sleep. So yes, maybe I will sleep the arduino as well when the xbee sleeps, but since it's on of the most power hungry xbee modules I am more concerned with it sleeping than the arduino. Also, some times the arduino is doing other things while the xbee is asleep.

It's an Arduino Mega 2560.

It's an Arduino Mega 2560.

Then using those pins will be fine.

Thanks PaulS.