Xbee to Labview Help


I am currently working with xbee, arduino uno, and Labview. I am trying to use these devices to take information from a detector and display when it has detected something in labview. I am trying to graph the incoming signal as well as get a numerical value. So far I am currently using Visa application in labview. I have been able to send number from my arduino uno through the xbee and display the numbers and graph them in labview .(like use a loop to send 0-25) But when I try to send and signal like a pulse wave or a signal converted using the ADC on the xbees to labview I keep getting zero for the values. The value on the graph is zero and the value in the string text box is something like 00/00/00/00/00/00/00/00 and so on.

This makes me wondering if I need to do some conversion to the signal before it gets to labview? Since I am able to send number values to labview via the components, I feel like this is a problem with my arduino program or over all set up. Has anyone been able to send pulse waves or anything to labview from arduino? if so did you have to use a conversion to get the data value from the incoming signal? I have double checked all connections and wires several times. I do not understand why it is not working? I have checked the output of the receiving xbee and it seems to be getting a signal, although it maybe slightly off but its still receiving something. I am imputing a pulse from from the arduino using analogWrite() at 50% duty cycle. I have also used a current divider to bring down the voltage to 2.5V.

Does anyone know if there is a big difference in signal types between the number values and just sending a pulse wave in?

Thanks for the help,