XBEE to program Arduino AND still send Serial DATA?

I have a project that is installed a hard to get place, so naturally I want to program it with a XBEE. Right now the project uses a XBEE(Lets call it A) to receive information from another XBEE (Lets call this one B). XBEE_B sends joystick data to XBEE_A. But I want to be able to program XBEE_A with a third XBEE (Naturally, lets call it C). So can I program XBEE_A with XBEE_C and when its done being programmed, XBEE_A can still receive data from XBEE_B? I just want to make sure I don't modify my setup to accept wireless programming and end up disabling my ability to send it Serial data after its programmed. Thanks.