xbee to transmit data from a ping sensor...

Hey folks. I have a project coming up where we want to detect movement of a car using a ping sensor and send the distance data via xbee to a remote location. The data indicator for distance would ideally be a series of LEDs which would indicate distance traveled....12' down to say 6". I have built this circuit with a ping sensor and an arduino uno. All good and it works great. Now I would like the same led indicator data to be transmitted remotely via xbee. I just do not have any experience with xbee. Can anyone help? Is there perhaps a better way?

Guess I should elaborate a bit more. I built this distance tracking circuit using an uno, ping sensor and 10 LEDs . Works great and I added a piezo element to output and increasing pitch when each LED goes high. What I want to do is transmit this data remotely to an Xbee to be able to read the LEDs and tones remotely. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

How far are you transmitting the data? There are cheaper radio solutions than xbee, but if you're interested in using them, get yourself a copy of "Building Wireless Sensor Networks".

Hey wild bill, thanks I just purchased that book. Trying to xmit data about 200ft max. We would likely mount the ping sensor in the stage angled up towards the direction of the car. The driver would have the remote indicator on the dash telling him how close he is to the target with a series of 10 maybe 8 LEDs lighting up as he approaches.