Xbee to Xbee communication

ok i have to xbee shield attached to two different arduino board. im tying write a code such that if pin 8 of the arduino board A goes high the xbee A send a signal to Xbee B on arduino board B and the led pin3 on board be keeps blinking until pin 8 on arduino board a goes low.

needless to say i cant find any similar example or the syntax for talking to the xbee . pls help :(

a simple serial will do and IF/FOR loop for LED

you might have to look for xbee document for setting device IDs though but it's nothing difficult.

here is a starting point for you http://mrtof.danslchamp.org/AXIC

I too am having trouble talking between 2 XBee shields!

Currently trying to talk through a terminal program (not the Arduino IDE terminal, because it isn't working, and not hyper terminal because I have vista). I am using the terminal that comes with BASIC STAMP (it was free on-line, so what the hey!).

I am trying to read through the data sheet for the xbee sensor http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90000982_A.pdf but no luck yet.

Waiting for this xctu program to install from digi http://www.digi.com/support/productdetl.jsp?pid=3352&osvid=57&tp=4&s=316 .

More updates coming soon... if anyone has any code samples of this thing actually working, it would save me hours of agony since it seems no one has got this working yet...

if anyone has any code samples of this thing actually working, it would save me hours of agony since it seems no one has got this working yet...

Hey Mike-

You're actually in luck, there are lots of good examples of using the XBee with the Arduino - check out the book "Making Things Talk" for some good info, or google "arduino xbee" for tons of good links.

I've been using the XBee boards available here with pretty good luck: http://www.ladyada.net/make/xbee/index.html

You need to start with XCTU first - if you can't query the XBee and get it's firmware info, nothing else will work.

If you use XCTU and two PC's (each with it's XBee), you should be able to get them talking in minutes.

Hope this helps,


Ah, thanks Brad!

I actually figured this out already and wrote a tutorial on my blog...http://antipastohw.blogspot.com/2009/01/xbee-shield-to-xbee-shield.html!

I have created a couple example programs that sound very similar to what you are trying to do. Checkout the application hints section at http://tinyurl.com/5rfmrz

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I´ve made a tutorial on Serial Comunication between two arduinos and Xbee

You can take a look in here:

I hope you find it usefull :wink:

HI! I have two XBee shields for arduino but i can't put them communicating each other! One of them is the XB-24B( with ZNET 2,5) and the other one it's the XB-24BZ. I'm trying to do ZigBee Coordinator AT vs EndDevice AT. I'm using the X-CTU... If anyone could help me i will be great!!

Have you determined the Destination Address High of each device? Like in step 13? http://antipastohw.blogspot.com/2009/01/xbee-shield-to-xbee-shield.html

First i give a Address destination high and low to the coordinator (high-0/ Low-FFFF to broadcast) and to the end device (high-0/low-0000). The Coordinator MY is 0 and the ENddevice MY is 1. These are the parameters to configure the addressing. Before that it's necessary to determine a PAN ID and put that ID in coordinator and in enddevice. I think i'm doing correctly these steps. What i saw in your blog in my head is wrong but i'm not sure...

ok, what is your current arduino test setup? Are you creating a chat program between the arduino ide serial monitor terminals? What is the jumper configuration on your xbee shields?

I made a program to read the values of pin number 13 (http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ADXL3xx) like this example. If i use the two XBee shields series 2 of the same modem type (XB-24B) i receive in the serial monitor in the arduino’s software the correct values, but when i change on of the XBee shields for the XB-24BZ (i have 2 shields of each type) they even comunicating each other.

I’m using the X-CTU software to configure them

I was never able to get my xbees to talk in the XB-24BZ mode.... I ended up using XB-24B for both of my shields.

Ha ok!! i think i will do the same...using the XB-24B model. Thank's for your cooperation...

Hey, I'm running two xBees (v 2.5) with two v3.0 arduino xBee sheilds; I've followed Severino's tutorial and I'm still not getting any results.

Have you had a chance to download X-CTU?

Yes, I have. I did everything in the tutorial: the xBees still aren't communicating, unfortunately.

What is your header configuration (JP2 and JP3 on the pcb)? Are they xbee or usb?

Hi, I have similar problem. my xbee send very slow data ( veryslow) my set up is this

2 xbee (popular modules xbee 24 ) 1 chip antena and another wire antena 1 xbee lilypad ( not a arduino lylipad) 1 lilypad 1 usb explorer from sparkfun. after serveral tutorial I was able to set the xbees to talk earch other 1 is a coordinator and 1 is a end device

using the x-ctu terminal sometimes I get serial data some times do not. when I ger serial data is very , very slow.

the code in the arduino is set for the baud rate of the xbees.

the code basicaly does serialprint every 300 microseconds.

any body has an idea of how to fix this issue.

thank you .

any One. ?