Xbee TTL Serial Com help


Thanks for reading this! I have been working on this for a few months and would like any kind of guidance or advice.

I am trying to develop a simple control system that will turn on a humidifier when there is low %humidity detected in a room. A Campbell CR1000 Data logger is collecting humidity data in the room continuously. I need some way for the serial coms on this data logger to send information to my Arduino within the humidifier. I need to send a time stamp and other serial data to com port 1 then wirelessly to my computer/controller.

2- Xbee WRL-10421 - XBee Pro 63mW Wire Antenna - Series 2B from Sparkfun

1 – Xbee Exploer hooked up to my computer to receive the data.

1 - Voltage regulator for the xbee

Xbee configuration as follows

Modem XB24-ZB
Function Set - AT Mode Router
DH-Serial # High of Coord
DL-Serial # low of Coord
Baud rate set - 115200
Remainder left as default settings

Modem XB24-ZB
Function Set - AT Mode Coordinator
DH-Serial # High of Router
DL-Serial # low of Router
Baud rate set - 115200
Remainder left as default settings

The Xbee is configured in TTL as follows
115200 baud Rate
No flow control
8 data bits
No parity
1 stop bit.

The CR1000 (data logger) is configured as follows — CR1000 is programed at 115200 baud at initial set up
TTL Logic;
No parity,
one stop bit,
8 data bits;
No error checking;

When I view the data that is being sent, I only see “.”. From my understanding, the period is produced when the Xbee software (XTC-U) cannot intemperate the data being sent. I can use the loggernet terminal window to determine that ASCII data is being sent to the COM1 port, but I am not receiving it on the other end.
Things that I have tried

  1. Changing the Serial port format
  2. Changing Xbees
  3. Changing com ports
  4. I would like to keep the baud rate the same so I have not messed with that.
    Any suggestion or inputs would be highly appreciated

I'd first get the project working using a wired connection, then introduce the wireless part.