XBee upload sketch


I have : 1pcs Xbee PRO (XB24P) on the XBee shield on my Arduino 328p and 1pcs Xbee PRO (XB24P) on the XBee explorer

Both XBees are well configured in X-CTU and comunicating when each XBee is on its explorer connected to my PC (each XBee has one COM).

I can´t upload sketches to My arduino wirelessly in my configuration above. I have checked some tutorials... but nothing... I can´t configure any DIOUT on XB24P as people dos on their XB24...

Can someone help me please? :-/


Hi all,

I´ve discovered some tutorials (just two on lot of places :), that averyone uses for this normal XBee and not XBee Pro (XBP24) as I use. Reseting board by a programme or by Xbee itself via DI03.

Wireless programming by reset of arduino doesn´t works for XBee PRO.

DOES ANYONE knows if it can works with XBP24? Why it doesn´t? I have baught it for this...

Thanks for any comment! Petr

I think the Xbee and Xbee Pro behave the same way, the Pro just has more range (and sucks up more power).

I’m having a similar issue. I think the problem is that the digital input from the “sender” isn’t being asserted by the “reciever”. For the bootloader and there by upload to work, the Arduino has to go into reset so it has to be pulled low. The FTDI chips use the /DTR pin to do this.

I wired up a Xbee (following ladyada’s tutorial) to make an LED blink but I’m not getting anywhere yet. I know the modules are talking to each other because i can get bi-directional coms in the serial monitor (or in X-CTU), so they’re ‘connected’.

Anybody know how to assert digital outputs on an Xbee module?