XBee vs RFM12

what's the best way to send wireless value's of some sensors? at the receiver side i would use an arduino board

XBee(digi) , RFM12 modules(from hope rf), or something else?

I vote for XBee - series 1. Very easy to configure, and very reliable.

You might need to say something about how much data you want to send and how far you need to send it.

i don't know the data rate :s Continuously the momentary value of 3 sensors(of maybe 4-5), how much data will that be?

The distance is not very far, indoor 30m-50m or something

it can't go with wires 8)

not line of sight, trough a wall and continuously is more times per second

Could you at least tell a little more what your project is about and what sensors you'll use ?

Without knowing much it's hard to give advice. The cheap 2k4 stuff might be good enough, but you might as well need an expensive WIFI-board.

I vote for Synapse Wireless RF Engines. If you are talking sort distances through walls,

With a little bit of python code, you can hook your sensors up to the RF Engine. The RF Engine take care of the mesh network so you dont have to. That way you have sensors connected to RF Engine. Rf Engine can calculate and transmit values if you want. OR you can use the RF Engines as wireless serial if you want. There is a lot of potential there.

If you need more range or lower power usage, go with something like:

The RF200 as 3 mile Line-of-sight range, walls will deteriorate the range, but they have plenty of range for your application.

For more information about the RF Engines:

I’m not affiliated with Synapse Wireless, just a mostly happy customer.