xbee wireless communication

Hello, I have gotten myself in a predicament. I have 2 arduino unos, a wireless SD shield, an xbee shield, and 2 xbee series ones. I know how to attach them onto the shields and the shields onto the arduino but I do not understand how to get them to wirelessly communicate. I do not believe that the problem is that I am using 2 different shields because all that I am using the shields for is to communicate through the xbee. I have tries various tutorials and websites and cannot figure out how to wirelessly communicate between the two xbees. Please help. Thankyou in advance

What program(s) have you tried? Have you used any code or just given up before that point? Next time post the code you have tried to just say that you have not used any.

To send wireless signals you need to use the serial.print function.

This link should be helpful. It gives your a walkthrough + all the needed code! http://bildr.org/2011/04/arduino-xbee-wireless/

Best of luck!

Are you still working on this?