Xbee Wireless Sketch Upload

Has anyone really been successful at uploading a sketch over Xbee? Without using the custom bootlader on Sparkfun's site?


Looks like you can't use the IDE to upload.

I tired with the remote reset and still can't get it to work. I have a Arduino UNO and it resets and looks like it will but error's out. I don't have the error at the moment but I just wanted to see if anyone else has actually been able to do it reliable.

I haven't personally tried it but have you looked at the ladyada tutorial on this. Perhaps there is something different in them.

For me, using the latest FIO board with series one xbees, in a word no. It will work once, maybe a bunch of times in a row and then nothing I do will make it work. So yes it works but not all the time.

If I have a sketch loaded via xbee and then use the serial over xbee the pc can talk all day every day with the FIO/xbee sending lots of data at high speed. But try to upload a new sketch and it will time out.

Hitting the fio's reset sometimes helps if you do it at "just the right time" but not always. My setup is per ladyada, dio3 reset etc.

Now I wouldn't mind if you could not upload via xbee, if for some reason it wan't possible but when it says you can on the "marketing pages" I'd like to be able to do it...

I would love to see the testing that was done on the xbee/fio to demonstrate the sketch upload capability. But I think it was third hand info at best.


Thanks for the input, at least it just not me. I have tired all kinds of tutorials but they are really similar. It seems sparkfun’s would be the best bet with a bootloader that is tolerant of wireless uploading. Oh well I guess I will have to removing the xbee each time until i get a AVR programmer or another Arduino.


Another comment - If you’re using the Sparkfun regulated boards then I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t work. They’re a bodge job, just read the comments/sparkfun forum.


What do you mean? I am using the usb explorer.

usb explorer.

From Sparkfun?

Well I know at least the 5v regulated boards (normally used on the other end of the link) are naff - not sure about the USB ones, go look it up on the sparkfun site.


Yeah its the sparkfun usb explorer. I can get the arduino to remote reset but that's it.

Going to try this... http://randomstuff-ole.blogspot.com/2009/09/bootloading-arduino-over-xbee.html

I had tried it before with manual reset but not with the commandline

This would be better than nothing.