xbee X-ctu software

When i connect my xbee s1 module and explorer usb board from sparkfun to my computer, The x-ctu software cannot open com port.

What am i doing wrong or has anyone experienced this problem

What am i doing wrong

No links. Only a vague description of the steps you are following. No way to help you with so little information.

I am trying to configure two xbee s1 modules, one as receiver one as transmitter. To do this, i am under the impression you put the xbee onto a sparkfun usb explorer board and connect to my computer. I have the X-ctu software downloaded, but it does not recognize when i have the xbee and explorer plugged into the usb. i.e it does not recognize the com port.....?

Unplug the explorer. Start X-CTU. Which COM ports are available? None of them are the right one.

Stop X-CTU. Plug in the explorer with XBee. Start X-CTU. Which COM ports are available? The new one, if there is one, is the correct port to select. If there is not a new one, your hardware is defective.