I would like to know if it seems possible to send, via a computer equiped with one Xbee, to 10 Xbees.

Each Xbees would received a different stream composed of 3 differents datas.

Can I assign Xbee receiver in order to "map" the right datas to the right Xbee :

X Bee 1 : Data1, Data2, Data3 X Bee 2 , Data 4, Data5, Data 6 ....

(Data are Integer btw) ?

Whithout speaking distance, how many Xbee reciever can I expected ? 10, 100, .... 10 000, 25 000. Do I need at a point something like a Squid Bee Gateway



If you use Series 2.5 XBees, you can use broadcast mode to communicate with a bunch of XBees that use the same PAN ID.

Imagine using a public address system to send the data. You’d identify who the message was for, but send it to everybody. You do the same with the sender XBee,

The person for whom the message is for is the only one that needs to respond. Everyone else just ignores it. If, as you suggest, the message identifies which receiver should care, each receiver would need to read the message, and do something other than discard the message if it is not for itself.

Of course the problem with this approach is that every receiving Arduino needs different code (Hey, this message is for ME.).

Whithout speaking distance, how many Xbee reciever can I expected ?

How many can you expect to do what? You have to program each receiver differently. How many will you be willing to program this way? 10, 100, 10000?

The number of receivers has little to do with whatever it is you are trying to do.