I am contemplating purchasing a Xbee from Radioshack. I just need to transfer a few signals over Serial. I see they are expensive are they really as good as they look? is there any similar device that is cheaper and or better?

below is Radioshack link to xbee

That's a bit high. Best price I've found is direct from Digi, $17 for the low power S2 models: IoT Products and Services - Wireless Devices, System-on-Modules and Single Board Computers for Development of Demanding IoT Applications | Digi International

I like Adafruit's adapters, and you'll probably also want an FTDI board or cable if you don't already have one, again, I like Adafruit's.

Couple notes of caution, there is a bewildering variety of XBee modules out there, so be sure you get the ones you want. I didn't see/couldn't tell what kind those were in the link you provided. Secondly, Digi's factory was affected by the monsoons, normally their shipping was quite fast, but it may take an additional couple-few weeks. Check their manufacturing update page for more info.

Oh and yes they are very good.

I am contemplating purchasing a Xbee from Radioshack.

That is like buying one glove or one shoe. They are only useful if you have two or more.

Jack's right. That price is high. Sparkfun's cheaper than that.

The XBees are very reliable, easy to use, and manage error detection and re-transmission automatically. Doing the same with cheap radios is very difficult.