xbox 360 macro controller for fifa13

Hi everyone, my names Josh and this is my first post. There is a football (soccer for Americans) game called fifa 13 on the xbox360 that you may of heard of, in this game you can do skills where you move the joysticks around and it does a skill. The problem is that the joysticks work by having 2 potentiometers to control this and as far as i know i cant control resistance with an arduino. I want to make a controller that has a standalone chip(maybe aTtiny85) to press various buttons and/or move the joystick to make the player do a skill. I came across 2 things, the first one is thebenheckshow where he does similar what i want to do but he only uses the buttons, not the analog joysticks. Here is the link:
The second thing is i was searching and found some digital potentiometers and was wondering if anyone knew how to use them with an aTmel chip:

This is an xbox 360 joystick

So basically im saying can i use digipots instead of analog pots?



So basically you want an autonomous robotic game controller? Welcome to Arduino, btw. A little more background on what your final product will look like would be helpful.

My idea of this would be to hook up the pots and buttons of the controller to the arduino input pins. Record the serial communication for the actions you want to do, then have the arduino write the same codes to the Xbox controller.

I need more details on your project before I can go further in depth, though.

Hi, I was looking around and this is exactly what I wanted.(im not buying one by the way as I am 13 and cannot afford it.) The example video at the bottom with the football game (FIFA 13) is exactly what I want to do with it. I was wondering if I could use strings to program it so I could record "ABXY" but is there a command to read the first, second, third and so on letters?


Bump, just started this project again but with fifa 14.