XBOX 360 to arduino to XBOX 360 controller

Hi all,

I would like some help from you.
I am currently working on a project hacking a XBOX 360 controller. I want to be able to substitute the triggers of an xbox360 controller with another sensor (i.e. an analogue one like a pot-meter).
I have found some previous work, so I know it is possible. But how?
I know I need to have some sort of USB host-shield for my Arduino Uno to be able to receive input from the controller.
Using my Uno, I want to substitute the triggers for the sensors and still be able to use it on a real XBOX360 as well as a PC. I also don't want to have to ruin my controller by screwing it open, since it won't look as sexy.

Hope you guys can help me out!


Ok, so if you want to replace the trigger with a pot AND use the USB interface, you'll have to change the firmware on the XBox Controller microprocessors. It will also require you to use different input pins on the XBox microprocessor, because you are going from a digital input to analog input. Basically, the above is impossible to do.

On the flip side, with an additional Arduino, a few thumb joysticks, a few push buttons, and some mounting material, you can EASILY make your own custom controller. I did exactly that for my Arduino RC plane ground station controller.