Xbox One Controller, Arduino and Servos.

Hi Everyone!
Another newbie came to forums today (me):
As what title says i'm trying to make arduino receive commands from an XBOX ONE controller and then use them on my rc car to control 3 servos (throttle, steering and camera tilt) then the arduino sends back to the pc the gps log that i will use with google earth and sends gyro/accelerometer data useful for force feedback on the controller. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
first of all i took care of one single servo (because still newbie) controlling it with the controller.
So what i did is look around the net and found creeper bot's code which is ripped off in two parts used in arduino IDE (servo control) and in processing (taking input from the controller).
I'm stuck because processing doesn't identify the controller because it's not an xbox 360 controller so i tried to change the device name in processing in "Microsoft Xbox One Controller" or many other ways as it is called in device manager with no luck. :expressionless:
Could be possible that the drivers don't work the same as 360 controller? (i used the ones directly downloaded from the Xbox Support site).