Xbox Soundboard

Im trying to modify my old xbox headset so I can record my voice, the party chat, my computer, & the game & have me & the party hear my computer. Im thinking of using 2 Wireless Rf-Arduino's.

1st one:Connects to the computer via 2 jacks the headphone & mic. This one will receive the left right audio & the mic audio, it sends the computer sounds to the second board.

2nd one:Connects to the headsets mic, left, & right wires (& Grounds).This one will receive the computer sounds & send it to the mic wire & left right lines. It sends the left right audio to the 1st board.

Problem is I dont know arduino well or these forums. Ive done a lot of research. But havnt understood it very well. I believe I need something specific in order to keep the sound quality good & keep it live.

I think the layout will work, just need some way to keep it good quality & live.