XCSOURCE Moisture Sensor TE215

Hi Guys!

I have purchased a standard soil moisture sensor (as mentioned in the title) and was wondering if any body knows the units that this sensor prints to the serial logger.

I have tried looking on the manufacturers website and on Amazon where I purchased them from but to know avail.

If anyone could enlighten me, just to complete my code, that would be great.



Having no idea what it is and you didn't provide a useful link and I have time on my hands I did it myself. First Google result got me back to this forum. There's your answer: no units, reading is either HIGH (wet) or LOW (dry).

The device is very easy to setup but I suspect not very accurate for data logging .

Pinout: VCC = 3.3 - 5V GND = GND DO = Digital Out AO = Analog Out

The analog output will will go from high to low with increasing moisture on the probe. The digital output will go high when the moisture level reaches a threshold set with the pot.

I have tested this just a little and it seems to be functional as a plant watering indicator. I put the probe into the soil around a plant and added water to the soil to bring it to the moisture content I usually use. I then set the pot to a level that just turns the onboard LED on. I use the digital out to trigger a digital in on an ESP8266 which sends a signal to another ESP8266 that controls several water solenoids.

For a data logger I think you could probably use the analog output coupled to a Arduino, ESP8266, Pi or any micro-controller with analog inputs and convert that to a digital value.

New Update: Using Wemos board A0 is capable of 3.3 input. I am using 3.3V output on Wemos to power the TE215 and A0 of TE215 directly drives A0 of Wemos. Works good so far. Current draw of TE215 is about 1~2 mA.

Good Luck, Rich :)