XGZP6847 Sensor Module

Hi. I’m a beginner in arduino.
How to connect XGZP6847 Sensor Module to arduino UNO?
Also, what is the code for measuring the data?
Thank you.

According to this, it's a "prefect silicon pressure sensor". Try hooking one to one of your analogue input pins - the output voltage range looks safe.

but how to connect it? Is vdd=vcc? And is it need to connect to n/c? Do I need to connect all Vdd and GND?

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The device has 6 pins. Pin 1 is a No Connect Pin 3 is ground Pin 5 is the output Pins 2 and 4 are Vdd

Hi! Should I connect both Vdd to power supply 5v or one is enogh? Thank you!

Data sheet don't say, shows 2 VDDs and 2 GNDs, hook up 1 of each, if not work, hook up both. http://cfsensor.com/editor/attached/file/20170511/20170511101000_9218.pdf