XMEGA Powered, Arduino Compatible Dev Board

Hi guys,

I'm part of a development team that is creating an XMEGA Powered, Arduino Compatible Dev Board.

Our website is www.myownduino.com

We are trying to get the project funded through Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/myownduino/sirduino-a-xmega-powered-arduino

I'm just trying to spread the word and get a sense of what people think of it.

Where is the schematic and board layout?

We have made some modifications recently from our current prototypes. We are going to release the schematic and board layout once things are finalized.

Great - sounds good. We have been asking/whinging about the lack of an XMega -based Arduino for a while. For us, the XMega is an upgraded version of the Mega which has had some bugs but is now all good. Also, can this be emulated using a PDI header and the AVR one debugger?

Can you advise if you have consulted the Arduino team and what their thoughts are about Sirduino, especially when the title mentions Arduino? If not, expect a please explain email shortly. Have you offered a profit sharing scheme which would be our suggestion. It would be a shame to see this project go the way if Smartduino which is either in the bin or just about to go there.

cyrilm: We are going to release the schematic and board layout once things are finalized.

In which case your post is a product announcement. I've moved it to the appropriate forum section.

Its good to hear that people have been asking for more Xmega boards.

There is a PDI header on our board that we have been using for programming all through the development process. As far I know you can use the AVR One to do emulation through that. However I do not have one of those so I haven't tried this myself.

The heading was shortened from Sirduino-An Xmega Powered, Arduino Compatible Dev Board. We have changed the heading of our project back to the long version to avoid confusion. We have not been in contact with the Arduino team and we have no association with them. Though we would love their blessing. The project is being designed so that coding and uploading can be done through an Arduino IDE. All of the demos shown were created and uploaded through an Arduino IDE with modifications to work with Xmega processors.

That seems pretty neat. I've had to buy the Arduino MEGA for a couple of projects because I needed the extra I/O but hated paying so much for it. Does the Sirduino make available every I/O pin? I do a lot with controlling LEDs and I like that there are 10 PWM pins available.

What's the clock speed?

Thanks, its good to hear that you like it!

All of the I/O is brought out with the exception of the dedicated USB lines. In total 76 of the 78 are available. The clock speed is 32mhz so its double that of a standard Arduino uno.