XmegaDuino alpha 1 ready to test.

XmegaDuino alpha 1, based on arduino 0018 is now ready, targetting only the atmel xplain evaluation board. http://code.google.com/p/xmegaduino/. Rene Bohne' is the other half of the XmegaDuino team. Eberhard Fahle is the third half, having given us a lot of help trying things out. He's also developing his own xmega project. Check it out at http://code.google.com/p/xmlibraries/.

The Arduino basics work: serial I/O, digital I/O, analog input, PWM, millis/micros, delay/delayMicroseconds, and interrupts.

None of the libraries have been ported. I'll be looking at some of them soon. If anyone wants to try to port any of them before I get to them, I'd be very pleased. Just let me know so we don't duplicate each others efforts.

But before that, next up for me is porting to the sparkfun xmega100 breakout board. Then on to the libraries.

If you give XmegaDuino a shot, let us know how it goes. I won't have a lot of time for support, but I'll do what I can. Please file bugs/issues so we can keep track of what doesn't work, and what new stuff folks want.

Have fun!

cool, im already waiting for my xplain board, cant wait to give it a test :)

This is great. I was just moaning about a lack of DACs and 12 bit AIO. I'm more than happy to help test, I'll be picking up the xplain board to mess around with it.

Hi, a first release of the Wire-lib for the xmegaduino-project is available from here: http://code.google.com/p/xmlibraries/


Hi, today I added a library for using the 8MB SDRAM on the XPLain board.

http://code.google.com/p/xmlibraries/ http://code.google.com/p/xmlibraries/wiki/xplSDRAM


Way cool Eberhard.

I’ve been jammed up with work and other projects and so haven’t had a lot of time to spend on xmegaduino. That said, I hope to soon post a significant revision that makes it easier for arduino to support different boards and cpu families without needing to completely replace the bootloader or core. I hope upload changes soon, but this will be early work that shows direction but that doesn’t work. Hopefully have it working in a couple more weeks.

Hello, ive got today my xplain ;D

I already used the bootloader in the at90usb to add a new hex, the lufa xplainbridge. With this you can use the pdi to upload new sketch, and still use it as a usb to com.

BUt i have the follow problem, i got the xmega arduino with cygwin build it and ./run

That works, but with compiling it go's wrong.

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Please contact the application's support team for more information.

C:\cygwin\home\SuperCow\xmegaduino\build\windows\work\hardware\tools\avr\bin\avr-gcc returned 3

any idea? im now downloading the pre compiled arduino ---edit---- Oke the precompiled arduino works. I had to change the boards.txt and programmers.txt to get the lufa avrisp2 to work. But it works like a charm lufu http://www.fourwalledcubicle.com/AVRISP.php

I've been meaning to get LUFA running on my xplain. But getting xmegaduino ported to the spark fun breakout has taken priority.

You probably need a more recent avr-gcc. I'm guessing it can't compile for the xmega, though when I've seen that it usually gives an error message rather than crashing. Easiest thing to do is download the whole package for windows.

If you still have problems, can you run "sh -x run.sh" from the windows build folder? Attach the output.

I suspect it will break while compiling the bootloader, I think that's the only thing we run avr-gcc on when building. If so, cd to hardware/xmegaduino/bootloaders/xplain and run "make". Attach the output.

Getting LUFA running is a 5 min job. Download the latest LUFA LUFA100513 Then go to that folder, projects and XPLAINBridge In the make file remove the # from CDEFS += -DLIBUSB_DRIVER_COMPAT

the "make all" And upload the hex with FLIP Add this to programmers.txt

avrisp2.name=AVRISP mkii

and in boards.txt comment this line #xplain_lufa.upload.protocol=arduino

and final you have to install http://www.libusb.org/

thats it.

about cygwin, im a noob in that. when i got the soruce with hg clone then i did make, but i got tons of error.

make the bootloader also failss and cygwin get stuck

SuperCow@milking-7f69223 ~/xmegaduino/hardware/xmegaduino/bootloaders/xplain
$ make
../../../arduino/bootloaders/atmega/TargetRules.mk:46: build/ATmegaBOOT_xplain.d
: No such file or directory
../../../arduino/bootloaders/atmega/TargetRules.mk:46: build/diag_xplain.d: No such file or directory
../../../arduino/bootloaders/atmega/TargetRules.mk:46: build/spm_xplain.d: No such file or directory
mkdir -p build

The precompiled arduino works fine, include the xplainbridge

Great to hear the windows package works for you.

I've done pretty much everything for LUFA other than get FLIP installed. I know, that should take no time at all ;-> But I'm focusing on the SFE board so don't manage to do even that small bit.

The messages about build/WHATEVER.d being missing aren't a problem. Right after that it builds them. Or should. If you run make again they shouldn't be there.

But, no idea why the build gets stuck. Probably not important, for you, as the windows package works for you. If someone else has the same problem I'll dig into it a bit more.

Did this project die? The last update to it on the google site is from March 2010?

It's deep in hibernation ;->

I've had multiple other things take me away from xmegaduino. But I do hope to return to it, probably in a few months. For the most part I just hope to get enough done so that other folks take it over. Hopefully the arduino folks, but I'd be fine with third party board vendors using it too.