XML Library

Hi Is there any XML Libraries for Arduino ethernet shield? I'm looking to parse CAP data from NWS here is a link to provide some back around on the subject. http://wiki.citizen.apps.gov/nws_developers/index.php/Category:Common_Alerting_Protocol thanks Don

I'm not aware of any full-fledged XML parser (DOM isn't possible anyway, so SAX is a theoretical possibility). In my opinion this is because of the really restricted resources available on the Arduino. In 2kB of RAM you cannot do a lot of parsing or holding some call stack. Therefore most people search exactly the needed information from the XML files gathered from the internet and don't care about exact XML parsing.

I had that felling but I wanted to post it on the forum and see what everyone thought. Here is a link to a message in my county here in Chicago,Il. is in Cook County http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x=ILZ014&y=1 on you browser click view source. Don

Usually these messages always come in the same order, so you can just search through the stream till you find the opening tag you're interested in and read the string till the closing tag. Repeat for every information you need.