Xp driver install issue + Solution


I've emailed FTDI about this, but in case anyone here can help me here's whats going on:

in 'Device Manager' I don't have a virtual comms port under 'Ports (Com & LPT)',

I just get a new heading called 'smart card readers' with 'acg pc/sc reader (usb)'

my install process went as follows:

I plugged in the device, it asked me to locate the driver for FT232R USB UART,

i selected the driver folder and it installed the 'acg pc/sc reader',

and then an error message appeared saying the machine would reset...

this appears to be at the stage where the install would prompt that it was going to install a usb serial port

if you have any advice to help with this it would be very much appreciated...

and if FTDI get back to me I'll post the reply here

OK things are working now - I got a reply from FTDI


This is a problem created by ACG creating a reseller submission wioth the wrong VID/PID.

Uninstall this version of the driver and load the driver form here.


This did the trick, now I have a new com port set up for my usb connection and I've uploaded the LED Blink sketch

Also to uninstall the driver in XP you first need to right click on FTDIUNIN.exe in the arduino drivers folder, select 'compatibility' and choose 'windows 2000' mode, otherwise it won't respond