XpandShileld MK II

Following some casual discussion, it is here.

XpandShield MK II

Also on Hackster.io

As said, I had nuked the joystick code and therefore the joystick sketch likely won't be in a working state until I clean it up. And everyone know that cleaning up code is some of the most painful things to do.
But maybe you are saved from to my laziness to update code to github.
Yes, you are. Thank me.

... I should name it better.

I have also created a "programmable mouse" sketch that ... well, is a mouse. A somewhat useable mouse with input from a joystick (left one) and buttons (conveniently the ones associated with the first 74HC165D). And a autoclicker with built-in scramble.

The programmable mouse (which is mostly written to be a autoclicker) obviously is designed to autoclick on some mobile games that can benefit from autoclicking.

Right now, I had not included a Bluetooth module so you cannot bluetooth autoclick (the performance may also suffer)
so right now you will need to connect it to your phone via a OTG cable. Apple provide the Lighting to USB camera adapter while Adafruit provide the Micro-USB-B OTG Cable, and USB-C just need a regular dongle. Or a cable.

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