XV-3500CB, Sure electronics.

I have a problem measuring angle using the XV-3500CB (w/breakpout) angular rate sensor(gyroscope).
The static voltage output is 1350mV(as it says in the datasheet).

It seems to have a have a different voltage output CCW and CW with the same angular rate(w), so that when i integrate the readings, the drift is like 20%+ 90 degrees and back.

Anyone have any experience with this gyro or have had a similar problem with different hardware ? I guess it might be possible(if the difference CW and CCW is linear) to just scale it. I should have bought a different one i know, but it was just for testing, and it was cheap.(don't think about the integrator drift, as the cycle time was 10ms, and angular rate was sloooow :stuck_out_tongue: )

All help appriciated.


EDIT: I have scaled the analog read so that when w = 0, the reading is 0(so it wont have a contribution to the integral, and the ccw rotation will be negative, and cw is positive).

Would I get the values i want if i get the data using the IIC protocol ? Or would the data have the same wierd scaling ?