XV0 and V0 wiring GLCD

Hi, I have few questions about wiring the GLCD to the MCU

  1. I don't understand the purpurose of the XV0 and V0 described like "XV0 is the LCD driving voltage for common circuits at positive frame", also as far as I understand the datasheet stands that the voltage at the V0 should be at ~10V. Is it really necessary to connect?

  2. The datasheet says that some pins are unused when serial mode is selected, and those pins should then be connected to the VCC, but should they be connected directly to the VCC or need I connect it via resistor, like with pull-ups?

  3. The datasheet says that the current for backlight can't cross the 120mA. Where should I connect the resistor to limit the current? In the pinout description the backlight isn't even mentioned(?) and in the "Backlight Information" there is nothing about pin numbers

LCD Name and datasheet: RX12864H

My current wiring for serial mode:

Thanks for help in advance

Ok, so I asked and I will answer

  1. You don't have to connect the 10V supply, just a ceramic capacitor between those pins

  2. I left those pins unconnected and the LCD works great

  3. The anode and cathode can be found on the back of the LCD, however I'm still unsure about the forward voltage, because the datasheet doesn't specify it, so I left it unconnected because the LCD works great without backlight.

I think that the thread can be closed.

Regarding the Backlight all information is given in the datasheet on page 12:
Forward voltage is 3.5V, Current should be 96mA, so let as calculate with 90mA:
Assume, you use a power supply with voltage U, then the resistor R should be:

R = (U - 3.5V)/0.09, for U=5V, this will be 16.6 Ohm (15 Ohm will be also ok, because the resulting Current will be 100mA, which is ok according to the datasheet).

So with a 5V supply, use a 15 Ohm resistor for the backlight.

However note, that the resistor might become warm: P = (5-3.5)*0.1 = 150mW
Ensure you have a 1/4 W resistor (or better 1/2 W).